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The Mad Dog, or Last Taboo Guarded by Alone Cerberus

Kulik O.

"The Mad Dog, or Last Taboo Guarded by Alone Cerberus"


ISBN: 978-3-86678-769-8


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Russia's best-known performance artist, Oleg Kulik (born 1961) has long been famed for his raw performances, which often express a kind of 'howl' against the constraints of civilization. With full-bleed reproductions on every page, this massive volume documents his performances of the 1990s. 

Oleg Kulik, “the Dog Man”, one of the most famous artists in Russia, has achieved his dream of a “book without text”. His critique of the baseness of civilization and his disappointment in the failure of contemporary art to reach its potential led the artist to radically reject the 1990s’ vocabulary of culture and of Logocentrism.  
In the language of great Russian literature, Kulik’s message – a mooing and desperate wailing – would echo Leo Tolstoy’s “I cannot keep silence anymore!” Yet Kulik is deadly serious; he appeals to “everything that lives and breathes, not via words, not via aesthetics; only the moral law inside you and the necessary decision to act are required in order to hear the suppressed voice of nature, also in yourself …” 

(Oleg Kulik)