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Travels in the Interior of North America

Maximilian Prince of Wied.

"Travels in the Interior of North America"


ISBN: 3-8228-1245-5


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In 1832 looking to gather images and information about native Americans and their customs, Maximillian Prince of Wied travelled with Swiss painter Karl Bodmer across North America; Wied's travel experiences were published in 1840, his text printed in two volumes and 81 of Bodmers illustrations were published as a portfolio.; 

Reprinted from a splendid hand - coloured copy of the publication still owned by the Wied family, 'Travels in the Interior of North America' is the first book to reproduce a complete original colour version. Focussing on many details in each plate, in depth text serves as a key to the customs, clothes and tools of the native Americans, including well-known figures, such as, Mato-Tope.